Blocks/ Bales

Coir dust or coir pith is a byproduct gained during extraction of Coir fibre from coconut husk. It is purely a natural organic product. Coir dust composted or old mulched dust is collected-screened-dried before making into bale or small block.

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Mainly use for small scale purpose and sold directly at supermarkets. Individual shrink wrap can be arranged on customer’s request. Briquettes are suitable for all vegetables and fruit nurseries and ornamental plants.

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Coco Peat Disc is most suitable for individual and quick seed germination. These are used in nurseries and we can supply to meet your requirement. Naked, individual shrink wrapping or bulk shrink wrapping can be arranged according to the customer’s requirement.

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Grow Bags

Packed in compress peat in strips and in different sizes according to the customer’s request. This is packed in thick co-extruded gazetted plastic bag UV stabilized with waterproofed sealing at both ends. Mainly use in Glasshouse/ Greenhouse applications.

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About Company

Noramix Group is one of the largest manufacturers & exporters of coir products from Sri Lanka. Our office is based in the heart of Colombo and factories are located in the coconut triangle of Sri Lanka. The company has gained goodwill and a credible position in the International Market.

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