Coir Blanket

Erosion Control Blankets/ Coir Mat Blankets are made with 100% coconut fibre with photodegradable or biodegradable top and bottom grids stitched up together as per the given diagram.

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Geo Textile

Geo textiles can be woven using both automated machines & hand operated machines, geo textiles that are made by machines use only machine spun twine, but hand operated machines can handle both machine spun twine & handmade yarn.

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Coir Pots

Coir pots are made out of coconut coir fiber bounded together by natural latex and molded to a attractive shape. The coir material allows air and water to move through the pot while containing soil, so the plants don’t have to pulled from the pot ....

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Coir Pads

We can supply high quality rubberized coir sheet/ pads for the manufacturing of rubberized coir mattress and sofas and other cushion based furniture’s. Our rubberized coir sheets shall be manufactured using unrated coir fibre ....

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Coir Brushes/Mat

Coir brushes and door mats are made from tightly bound natural palm fibre and it’s strong and durable. Some are produced with PP fibre in different colours. We have a range of brushes according to the customer’s requirement.

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Coir Discs

Weed control discs, also referred as latex discs of much discs are made out of coir fibre, bonded with natural latex. These come in various sizes from 10 CM diameter round discs to 50 CM x 50 CM square.

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Coir Pole

100% environment friendly, bio-degradable coconut fibers are used for manufacture this ideal plant support and growing aid product. It’s high water holding capacity ensures the plant grow stonger.

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About Company

Noramix Group is one of the largest manufacturers & exporters of coir products from Sri Lanka. Our office is based in the heart of Colombo and factories are located in the coconut triangle of Sri Lanka. The company has gained goodwill and a credible position in the International Market.

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