Coco Peat Blocks (Bales)

Coir dust or coir pith is a byproduct gained during extraction of Coir fibre from coconut husk. It is purely a natural organic product. Coir dust composted or old mulched dust is collected-screened-dried before making into bale or small block. It is a natural, unique, spongy cellulose organic plant growing media usable in garden centres, horticulture, nurseries. This has high water retention capacity to plant growth. This block/bale is dissolved easily in water. Coir dust bales are individually wrapped in polythene cover or supplied in naked block basis. Coir Pith/dust is a cheap substitute and natural organic product for peat moss. We can supply in block or bale form pressed in 8:1, 5:1 or 3:1 basis. 100% natural organic growing medium gives you a higher volume after its compressed form.

Advantages of Coco Peat :
  • Potting mixes
  • Excellent air porosity
  • Excellent water retention
  • Irrigation efficiency
  • Faster germination times & quicker seedling rotations
  • Environmentally preferable to the alternatives
  • Degrades slower than other peats.

5KG Blocks

Entire growing media for vegetable , flower cultivation ,farms , greenhouses as well as use in potting mixtures and soil conditions.

  • Block size : - +/_ 30x30x15 cm
  • Weight: 4.5 & 5 kg
  • Expansion: 60 - 70 Litrs
  • Quantity: per 40Ft con1
  • Bulk Loading: 28 MT
  • On Pallets: 24MT

10 KG/25 KG Block

Specially designed as a most convenient products for commercial growers such as farms , potting mixtures , Landscaping and seed generation. Also use in Golf course settings for soil conditioner and mushroom industry as well

Due to low compression ratio easy to handle and easy to break.
  • Size: 75x45x 32 CM
  • Compassion ratio: 2. 3: 1
  • Moisture: 25 - 30 %
  • Weight: +/- 25 Kg
  • LoadabilityQuantity per 40'Hc: 700 bags ( bulk loading),600 bags (on pallets)

Note: This product can be available in 20 Kg, 15 Kg, bales also, according to the customer's request.


  • 5 KG
  • 5 KG
  • 25 KG
  • 25 KG

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