We Noramix Group is specialized in coir fibre and coco peat related products and we are geared to handle your requirement by using our experience and latest technology. We cater in the following fields,

a) Erosion Control Products

Recommended : Coir Blanket, Coir Net, Water Log

b) Horticulture Products

Recommended : Coir Disk, Coir Pot, Weed Preventer Disk, Grow Pole, Grow Bag

c) Industrial Products

Recommended : Coir Fibre, FMT, Coir Twine, Coir Rope, Coir Net, Coir Brushes

d) Terrarium Products

Recommended : Cave, Cuttlefish Bone, Briquettes, Chips)

Please contact us with your requirement enabling to propose the right product with the suitable specifications..


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About Company

Noramix Group is one of the largest manufacturers & exporters of coir products from Sri Lanka. Our office is based in the heart of Colombo and factories are located in the coconut triangle of Sri Lanka. The company has gained goodwill and a credible position in the International Market.

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